The 4 things you should check before buying acrylic

Category: Recycle, Working with acrylic
  1. There are a wide range of materials and acrylic brands for all projects and budgets your supplier should be able to help you make the right choice for your project
  2. Ask for assistance with cutting and shaping to help you produce what you need your supplier should be able to advise and likely provide you with the exact shape(s) you need and with a professional finish
  3. Check the reputation of the company / supplier you are planning to buy from read what customers are saying about them. It shouldn’t take long and a company /suppliers track record can help inform your decision making
  4. Delivery is really important you don’t want your plastic delivered in pieces (other than those pieces you’ve asked for anyway. Be sure a supplier will protect plastic with a scratch proof film, adequate protective inner wrap and outer boxing so it reaches you in perfect condition.

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