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Glazing Choices: Plastic vs Glass

Category: uses of plastic

 Acrylic(also known by brand names plexiglas and perspex) is a great choice for glazing.  5 key reasons why: 1.Acrylic is 17 x stronger than glass and shatter proof. It won’t shatter into thousands of pieces if you drop it. Glass … Continue reading

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5 Easy Steps To Block Draughts From Windows

Category: Glazing, uses of plastic

 Here’s an easy way to heat up your home without expensive double glazing or energy bills – install Magnetglaze Quickfit to windows in your home. Measure up inside the window panes that you want to double glaze. Go to … Continue reading

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5 advantages of twinwall and multiwall polycarbonate roofs

Category: Polycarbonate

  Choosing polycarbonate can save a great deal of money, especially if your conservatory is large. Polycarbonate roof panels are easy to manipulate if you are planning to build your conservatory yourself Polycarbonate reflective insulation can be used to reflect … Continue reading

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How Much Is My Plastic Really Going To Cost

Category: Cost of plastic

 One of the first questions shoppers like to know when they contact us at The Plastic People is : How much will delivery of my plastic cost? Because the costs of delivering plastic vary depending on weight and shape, there … Continue reading

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How To Bend Acrylic – 4 Steps

Category: Working with acrylic

 Acrylic can be bent if it is heated.  When it cools down, it will hold its shape. To bend acrylic at home, you will need to heat it up with something like a strip heater and some clamps to hold … Continue reading

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