5 Easy Steps To Block Draughts From Windows

Category: Glazing, uses of plastic

Here’s an easy way to heat up your home without expensive double glazing or energy bills – install Magnetglaze Quickfit to windows in your home.

  1. Measure up inside the window panes that you want to double glaze.
  2. Go to www.theplasticpeople.co.uk and order Magnetglaze Quickfit with your window sizes. You’ll get everything you need for your windows a correctly sized acrylic glazing pane and black and white magnetic strips which you use to connect the glazing pane to your window.
  3. Cut the white magnetic strip so it fits around the edges of your window frame then stick it to the window frame.
  4. Cut the black magnetic strip so it can be stuck to around the edges of the acrylic pane.
  5. Pick up your new acrylic glazing pane and connect it onto your window the magnetic strips will hold it in place. Important note: if you order from www.theplastic people.co.uk your acrylic will have a film on which you can now remove. (We pop the film on your plastic to make sure it doesn’t get scratched while it is on its way to you!)



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