A Simple Way To Help Reduce Outside Noise

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If outside noise from trains, buses, cars, people etc is filtering into your home, here’s an easy way to help reduce it. Install a second window pane so you have a double window – and also benefit from a warmer room and reduced energy bills without the associated expensive double glazing costs.

Installing a second window (secondary glazing) may seem like a complicated task but check out Magnetglaze Quickfit which makes it very easy and quick for you to do yourself at home. It is also very quick and easy to remove if you wish.

Here’s how to go about installing your second window with Magnetglaze Quickfit:

  1. Choose the windows you want to add a window pane to – measure up inside these window panes
  2. Take your measurements order Magnetglaze Quickfit entering your window sizes. Everything you need for your windows will be sent to you a correctly sized second window (made from clear as glass acrylic which is 10x stronger than glass and much lighter so all round easier and safer to work with) and black and white magnetic strips which you use to connect the glazing pane to your window.
  3. Cut the white magnetic strip so it fits around the edges of your window frame then stick it to your window frame.
  4. Cut the black magnetic strip so it can be stuck to around the edges of your new acrylic window.
  5. Pick up your new acrylic window and connect it onto your existing window the magnetic strips will hold it in place.

Let us know how it works for you! If you’d like to read what other users have said you can see their MagnetGlaze QuickFit Reviews


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