6 reasons why we love acrylic


It’s coming up to Valentines Day and we’re in the mood for loving acrylic !! It’s the most popular plastic with our customers and for good reason. Versatile to work with, great to look at and cost effective as a material, acrylic is an all round favourite. Here are our top 6 reasons why we love it (though we are a little biased admittedly):

  1. It’s a stronger, safer option than glass. Because it is 10 x stronger, it is much more impact resistant and does not break easily. If you fall against an acrylic shower door it is unlikely to break. Footballs crashing through glass windows will, most times, bounce back from acrylic windows. It’s a good tough option.
  2. It’s weather proof unaffected by sun or salt spray
  3. It’s so easy to work with – being half the weight of glass using acrylic is much easier
  4. It comes a great range of shades and colours it works with any colour scheme
  5. It can be bent, cut and shaped to suit
  6. It’s easy to stay new – no grouting, scrubbing and any accidental scratches can be polished off

Let us know if you have other reasons for loving acrylic- we always enjoy hearing from you.


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