How To Cut Perspex or Acrylic


Acrylic or perspex sheet can be cut at home using saws which would normally be used on wood. Some things to remember before you start – always leave protective film on your acrylic/perspex until you have completely finished cutting and put on gloves and safety glasses.

We suggest using a jigsaw with metal cutting blades for curvy lines or a circular saw with a blade with a negative rake for straight lines – best with a coarse blade (we recommend not using a fine tooth blade as it will melt back on itself). It is possible to buy dedicated acrylic cutting blades for jigsaws and circular saws. Note:  It is difficult to get a good finish using a hand saw!

Clamp your acrylic sheet to your work surface and use a length of 1×3 wood to distribute the clamping pressure and act as a guide for your saw. When you are finished cutting, remove the protective film to reveal your acrylic.

Or, let us do the work for you! If you need to buy acrylic for your project, we can provide it ready cut to the size and shape you need. Visit us at here.





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