How To Do Repairs With Plastic


We’ve been receiving lots of emails about using plastic to repair, fix, mend and replace many of your different types of broken items so we thought we’d try and use this blog to help out.So, if you fall into the category of those with broken possessions read on…

There seem to be quite a few people out there with broken picture / photograph frames, fridge shelves, cat and dog flaps, windows and greenhouses to name a few so we’ll dedicate this space to writing about how you can use plastic to fix these problems.

Plastic is a very versatile material – and the various types of plastic come with their own price, strength, durability, maintenance, and aesthetic considerations. Our quick guide below shows which plastic is best suited for which repairs.

Broken picture / photograph frames

Clear acrylic or PETG is a great choice as a replacement for the broken glass in a picture or photograph frame. Clear acrylic is 10x stronger than glass and PETG is even stronger than acrylic and stands more knocks and bumps so you can be sure it will be a safer, longer lasting option than glass

Fridge Shelves

If you’ve broken your fridge shelf, replacing it is quick, easy and inexpensive PETG plastic. PETG is the plastic to choose because it is FDA approved meaning it is safe to use with food. PETG can be delivered cut to the size you need to go into your fridge. You’ll find it’s most likely atleast half or a third of the price of buying a replacement.

Windows & Greenhouses

Plastic is an ideal replacement for glass glazing because it is much lighter and stronger. Choose acrylic which is 17x stronger than glass and just as clear or polycarbonate which is 200x stronger than glass and is excellent for withstanding heavy impacts. Both acrylic and polycarbonate are suitable as a replacements for internal and external glass. If you are looking to replace greenhouse panels our preference is for polycarbonate because it is stronger than acrylic and overall makes your greenhouse virtually unbreakable.

Cat and Dog Flaps

Polypropylene and polycarbonate are good choices for replacing cat and dog flaps. If you want a clear flap go for polycarbonate it is clear like glass but much lighter and yet 270x stronger. It also withstands impacts and bumping! If don’t want a clear flap, go for a solid white (or natural / black) polypropylene. Polypropylene is an extremely tough, durable plastic with excellent impact resistance and is almost unbreakable.

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