How To Choose: Glass or Acrylic ?


Acrylic is a clear, glass-like plastic with properties that make it a better choice for many products that might otherwise be made of glass Those properties are:

  1. It is 17x stronger than glass making it considerably more impact resistant and safer
  2. It is very clear – 92% of visible light can pass through it Acrylic remains clear compared to very thick glass which has a green tint to it
  3. It is weather proof – it is a myth that acrylic yellows or breaks down when in sunshine over a long period of time (it is cheap plastic which does that)
  4. It insulates better than glass – using it as glazing can potentially reduce your heating bills
  5. it is only half as heavy as glass which makes it easier to work with, and indeed a better choice for projects if weight is an issue
  6. It can be sawed, whereas glass must be scored
  7. It is bullet resistant
  8. It can be shaped and made into structures without seams
  9. If taken care of, acrylic can remain new looking for several decades, regardless of age or exposure to sun
  10. If scratched, scratches can be buffed out  – unlike glass


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