5 Suggestions For Cutting Acrylic Easily


If you want acrylic or perspex cut to a certain size, save yourself the time and bother and opt for the easy way which is to let the plastic people do it for you. Simply enter your required measurements into the plastic people cut to size tool and they will post out your acrylic cut to the sizes you need.

Or, you can cut acrylic or perspex yourself using saws which would normally be used on wood. Here are our 5 suggestions on how to do it the easiest way:

  1. leave your acrylic covered in its protective film until you have completely finished cutting
  2. put on gloves and safety glasses
  3. use a jigsaw with metal cutting blades for curvy lines or if you are cutting straight lines choose a circular saw with a coarse blade with a negative rake
  4. clamp your acrylic sheet to your work surface and use a length of – 3 wood to distribute the clamping pressure and act as a guide for your saw
  5. when you are finished cutting, remove the protective film to reveal your acrylic

Supply wise, you can buy dedicated acrylic cutting blades for jigsaws and circular saws. Note of caution to hand saw users:  It is difficult to get a good finish using a hand saw!

Let us know how you get on! We enjoy seeing your pictures / project ideas.


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