Polycarbonate For Pergolas


When it comes down to replacing roof panels or choosing roofing material, plastic is a popular choice to consider. In this blog, inspired by our very wet British summer, we’re taking a look at which plastic to choose for roofing on pergolas.

Pergolas are great for offering protection while still enjoying time outdoors.  Some pergolas are covered in vines; others have thatched rooves, timber or tiles.  But there is a fine balance between a pergola roof that doesn’t give quite enough protection and one that gives too much. polycarbonate pergola roof strikes the perfect balance.

Why polycarbonate is a great choice for pergola roofing

Thatched and tiled rooves provide total sun and rain protection.  They also completely block out light, which kind of defeats the purpose of your pergola. Timber battens let filtered light through, but also the rain and we are getting wet enough this summer !  Polycarbonate gives you the best of both worlds :

  • complete shelter while at the same time letting filtered light pass through
  • up to 99% UV protection
  • thermal insulation
  • a complementary look – there is a good choice of colours and tints
  • strength – it is 200x stronger than glass

Choose polycarbonate that provides both protection from the heat of the sun and its UV rays. Polycarbonate comes in different sizes, can be cut to your exact requirements in a choice of colours and tints.  And, because polycarbonate is such a strong yet flexible material, it can be gently curved without losing structural integrity. Finally because polycarbonate is resistant to all weathers and moisture, using it could prolong the life of your roof.

Because it is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, we think polycarbonate is the perfect material for a pergola roof.

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