Glazing Choices: Plastic vs Glass


Acrylic(also known by brand names plexiglas and perspex) is a great choice for glazing.  5 key reasons why:

1.Acrylic is 17 x stronger than glass and shatter proof. It won’t shatter into thousands of pieces if you drop it. Glass will break easily if dropped.

2. Acrylic is much lighter than glass so carrying and hanging it is easier. And shipping / delivery should be cheaper too if you are having it cut to size and sent to you. Shipping glass is tricky not just because it is heavier but because even with fantastic packaging it cannot be reliably protected from breaks en route in to you.

3.Acrylic is much safer to use than glass. Aside from it being shatter proof, acrylic can be polished around the edges making them completely smooth. Often, the edges of glass will not be smooth making it more dangerous to handle. Bandages and sticking plasters at the ready!

4. Acrylic lets in more light than standard glass (92% vs. around 80%) making it clearer and giving better light

5.Acrylic comes with UV protection as standard and has a 10 year guarantee

The flip sides ?

Acrylic can scratch more easily than glass. This means you need to avoid using abrasive cleaning products on acrylic in fact cleaning with a micro fibre cloth or acrylic cleaning cloth would minimise the risk. (We think this easier clean is a good upside !)And, light scratches can be rubbed out (see our earlier blog about how to do this).

If you’re not shipping or handling your own glass, it is also a great choice. And you can clean it without as much care.

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