Splashbacks: Choose Acrylic

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There are so many vibrant colours, neutral shades and tones to choose from that acrylic splashbacks can quickly and easily transform your kitchen or bathroom.  Light to hold, shatter-proof and easy to screw into your wall, acrylic splashbacks can be easily installed yourself at home.   Available delivered to your door and cut to the sizes and shapes you need, acrylic splashbacks can provide a speedy new look to your room. Because acrylic is such a flexible and versatile material it can also be bent and shaped – meaning you can hide unsightly pipes or flow your splashback around corners or odd juts in your walls.

Maintaining your acrylic splashback is relatively simple and involves water and a soft cotton cloth.  Acrylic splashbacks don’t require cleaners and because cleaners (and scrubbers) produce small scratches on the surface of the acrylic (or even eat through the acrylic) they should be avoided (see our Cleaners To Avoid List below).  Here’s how to care for your acrylic splashback :

  1. If your acrylic splashback is a little dusty, then just use a soft cotton cloth moistened with water and gently wipe it away. Turn the cloth often to keep a clean side on the acrylic splashback.  It’s important to not rub the dirt on the surface of the acrylic because it can scratch it.
  2. For more significant amounts of dirt, use a soft cotton cloth that is very wet with water. Let the water lift the dirt by gently swabbing the cloth on  your acrylic splashback until the dirt rinses off.  Then use a second soft cotton cloth to clean your acrylic splashback like above.
  3. If your acrylic splashback is really dirty you could add some mild, non-abrasive detergent to the water or use an acrylic cleaner and follow step 2.

If your acrylic splashback does get a scratch don’t worry.  Most surface scratches can be buffed out using an acrylic scratch remover.Check out our blog on how to remove scratches from acrylic.

Cleaners To Avoid

  • Avoid any cleaning products with ammonia as it will eat through the surface and leave your acrylic splashback looking cloudy.
  • Also avoid cleaners that are abrasive as they will scratch your acrylic splashback. This includes cleaners with ketones, halogens, window cleaners, kitchen scouring compounds, aromatics and solvents such as thinners, acetone, gasoline, benzene and tetrachloride.

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