Get Scratches Out Of Acrylic In 5 Easy Steps

Category: Working with acrylic

Follow these tried and trusted steps to get scratches out of acrylic:

  1. Get some wet and dry paper – grades 600, 800 and 1200.
  2. Rub the scratch using the 600 grade wet and dry paper and a little water.  Your acylic might start looking frosted and apear to get lots of little scratch marks -  don’t worry; this is normal and they will disappear later.
  3. Swap to grade 800 wet and dry paper -  carry on gently rubbing the scratch for a minute.
  4. Swap to the 1200 grade wet and dry paper and continue rubbing for another minute.
  5. Clean and dry the area – it will look frosty. Buff the area with Brasso and the frost effect will go leaving your acrylic looking like it has never been scratched.

If you are looking to buy a polish for acrylic we’d recommend brasso and xerapol which is a specialist acrylic scratch remover.

Important Notes:

  1. If your scratch is deep,  sadly it will not come out
  2. The above method works on glossy and reflective acrylics (like clear acrylic, acrylic baths and glossy coloured acrylics) but not frost effect acrylic.

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