How To Heat Up Your Home & Reduce Your Bills

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It’s feeling chilly and it’s only September:(  Get ready for winter by putting up some easy to install & take down again secondary glazing. It’s quick, easy for DIY novices, fairly inexpensive and makes a big difference blocking out draughts and keeping heat in saving you money immediately. They’re great for all homes including listed buildings and those in conservation areas.

Secondary glazing involves adding an additional window to your existing window.  Aswell as blocking draughts and preventing heat escaping, it also has the bonus of reducing noise/sounds coming into your home.

There are different ways to get secondary glazing – some involve sale reps or surveyors who will advise you.   We want to tell you about the DIY way. Here’s what you can do yourself:

  1. Measure up inside the window panes where you want to block draughts/prevent heat loss – record the measurements.
  2. Visit our website and enter your measurements – we’ll send you an acrylic window pane plus fittings:  this is your new secondary glazing.
  3. It’s easy – your fittings are two magnetic strips –one white, one black.
  4. Stick the black magnetic strip around the edges of your new acrylic window pane
  5. Stick the white metal strip to your existing window frame.
  6. Lift the acrylic window pane and connect it to your window – the magnetic strips will hold it in place.
  7. When you want to remove the secondary glazing just take it off.  Leave the white magnetic strip in place on your window….. ready for next winter!

Watch our video demonstration showing how to install your acrylic secondary glazing.


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