Weather-Proof Your BBQ Area with Acrylic

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There’s nothing like an organised BBQ to bring on the wind and rain!  We thought you might like to see how one of our customers is preparing by protecting their BBQ from the full brunt of the weather.  Thanks to them for this photograph of their finished efforts – looking good:)

Acrylic glazing protects BBQ area

If you would like to follow suit, it’s fairly easy to do and this blog takes a look at some of the options.

Glass is one option providing effective protection from the weather.  Because it is going outdoors consider using toughened glass to reduce the chance of damage – we’re thinking stray footballs, fast flying birds, children playing.   Cost may be the ultimate deciding factor which brings us to some alternatives.

Acrylic and polycarbonate are recognised alternatives to glass – and suited for use outdoor use.  Acrylic has glass like transparency and being 10x stronger than glass is damage resistant.   Because it is unaffected by the sun’s UV rays acrylic make s a good choice.  If you’d like to add a bit of colour to your BBQ area, you could choose from the range of coloured tints that acrylic can be supplied in.   Polycarbonate is stronger again (think 20x stronger than glass and of the glazing used in police riot shields) and also makes an excellent choice if the UV protected version is used (this is available at The Plastic People as standard).

Suitable acrylic and UV polycarbonate  can be bought to your exact sizes at The Plastic People.


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