How To Protect Your Balcony / Patio with Acrylic


This blog is dedicated to all of you with decking, patios and balconies that you want to protect from the elements and also safeguard with small children.

Regardless of size or the material your space is made from protecting it from the weather and making it safer to use can be done with acrylic -  here’s why and how.

Wooden Deck Blacony protected with Acrylic Sheets, Cut To Size

Acrylic is a known alternative to glass because to the naked eye it looks like glass and offers the same optical transparency.   Its big upside is that it does not break like glass because it is 10 x stronger and even if broken, does not shatter into dangerous shards like glass.   It cracks.   For outdoor use though, acrylic has another big advantage:  it blocks UV rays from the sun, reducing wear and tear on your decking or patio.  So, it is a great all round weather proofing idea because it blocks rain, wind and sun.

Acrylic sheets also offer a cheaper solution than glass.  Because acrylic sheets are 10 x stronger than glass thinner versions can be used compared to glass.

Polycarbonate sheets are 20 to 30 times stronger than glass and may also be used on deckings, however it will require a special treatment to help it withstand the yellowing effect that the sun’s rays have on the material.

Acrylic sheets  can be found at The Plastic People where they can be supplied cut ready to the sizes you need for your space.  Holes can be drilled so they are ready for any fixings you choose to use and corners rounded to make the acrylic sheets safer.

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