Acrylic Window Sills


When we saw this picture we couldn’t wait to share it ! This is one of three window sills which one of our talented customers has created with our clear as glass acrylic – we think it looks amazing.

Acrylic window sill

A great effect for such a little price tag.

The acrylic shelves sit on tiny ledges above about a 3cm deep well which our customer has filled with all those shells she has enjoyed collecting over the years. The windows are in a newly designed meditation/prayer loft. The space is used by visitors to The Quiet Garden Movement.

Acrylic is such a flexible and inexpensive material suitable for all kinds of projects. Acrylic can  be bought as sheets or cut to the exact sizes you need so you can get straight on with the interesting bit of your project.  The Plastic People provide both.

If you have a need for acrylic our friendly team will be delighted to help you. You can find us here




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