Acrylic To The Rescue


Acrylic is a great plastic to work with because it can transform a room and make it more usable at the same time.

Thanks to one of our primary school customers we’ve enjoyed seeing pictures of how the’ve used acrylic to sensitively adapt their school hall so it works better for them during both learning and at meal times.

Acrylic has been used to protect the school wall

Acrylic has been used to protect the school wall

They have put clear acrylic onto their wall areas in the school hall which are prone to splashes from food, protecting their freshly painted walls and saving re-work for their caretaker:)  The new acrylic covered wall is very easy to clean after mealtimes – all it needs is a wipe down with a soft cloth and water with a little washing up liquid in it.   Acrylic has a very sooth surface and it is hard for dirt to stick to it – no matter how much food gets thrown its way!!!

Acrylic is a relatively inexpensive material to work with and the beauty is its effect does not look cheap. Because acrylic is so light and flexible it can easily be picked up and fitted into place.  A shatter-proof material which is also 10 times stronger than glass makes acrylic a safer choice too.  This was particularly important for our school.  And because they’ve chosen clear acrylic, their school wall is protected in an unobtrusive and discreet way so there is no distration when it comes to assembly time and learning.

Acrylic is discreet so doesn't distract during assemblies

Acrylic is discreet so doesn’t distract during assemblies

For more dramatic effects take a look at the range of high gloss colours that are available at The Plastic People – they can be used for great effect to make a striking feature

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