Must Try Tips, No1: Create A Premium Look Table

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Welcome to our series of top tips to try at home; tips to inspire home improvements wherever you are; tips that can be done easily and inexpensively.

Because whenever a project is started the more money that can be saved on one home improvement, the more we have left for all the other ones we want to do. Our tips will be ones which can give a premium look for little cost.

This tip is for anyone who would like to bring a little look of luxury into their living room, dining room, study, bedroom – wherever there is a table. Or even where you would like to create a table, as you will see from one of our creative customers who made her own bedside table below.

Smarten up your tables with something that is a cinch to do: add a piece of cut to size acrylic to cover the top of your table. For a premium look, go for a reasonable thickness of either 4mm acrylic or 5mm acrylic.

polished acrylic can be laid on top of a table to smarten it in an instant

Have the edges of the cut to size acrylic well polished and there you have it: instant shine and sheen.

If you have much loved pieces that you would like to feature or bring into everyday use, you could use them to create a table.

vintage suitcase table topped with polished cut to size acrylic

Check out this picture from one of our customers showing us how she transformed her vintage suitcases into a bedside table by topping them with a cut to size, polished acrylic sheet. We love it:)

If you would like help choosing cut to size polished acrylic please let our friendly team at The Plastic People know.

make your own bedside table with cut to size acrylic as the table top




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