Clear Acrylic For Light Tables


If you have ever wanted a light table, read on!  For designers and artists,  yound and old,  a light table is a nice to have.  Unfortunately, light tables are not easy to find inexpensively and can be difficult to make.   Essentially a light table is a table, box or pane that is illuminated.  We have one of our customers to thank for showing us how she has made her own light table using our clear as glass acrylic, inspiring this blog:)

using clear as glass acrylic to make a light table

Our customer who is a keen calligrapher used our clear as glass acrylic, cut to size, to lean on her portable easel on her desk.  With a small fluorescent light behind it, she now uses her quick and easy and inexpensive light table to move to different elevations to help produce her best work.

Calligraphy aside, light tables are fabulous ways to explore the play of shadow, colour, light and transparency  and also for sensory play.   Give children a light table and watch the magic as their curiosity unfolds and problem solving skills develop.

If you would like to know more about cut to size clear as glass acrylic The Plastic People site has lots of information. Our friendly advisors will be happy to help.


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