Must Try Tips, No 3: High Gloss Kitchen Makeover

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Our 3rd top tip to try at home is for those who want to get a great big bang for their buck, so to speak.  Whenever an improvement project is started we know the major details—cost, time, materials, and design—need to be carefully thought out and made as realistic as possible.

thanks to our customer for this picture showing their yellow splashback makeover

red splashback kitchen makeover, image courtesy from a customer

Our 3rd tip is how to transform your kitchen using coloured acrylic and needs some planning and measuring but we think you’ll agree a coloured acrylic makeover is is fairly easy and gives a premium look for very little outlay (prices start around £85 to cover a square metre).


a red coloured acrylic splashback adds a pop of colour to a white kitchen

a red coloured acrylic splashback adds a pop of colour to a white kitchen

Whether your kitchen is sunny or dark, you can use coloured acrylic to transform it.  Gleaming white acrylic can bounce light around, glossy grey acrylic can complement existing shades and shiny red acrylic can add a pop of life. Coloured acrylic can pack in personality while matching with existing units, work tops and flooring colour schemes. If your existing scheme is neutral you can definately use more lively coloured acrylic on your walls.  And, the more limited your wall space,   the bolder you might want to be with your choice of coloured acrylic.

a white splashback works well in a white glossy kitchen

For the biggest transformation choose a colour which is very different to what you have had before.  If you aren’t sure, you could always start with one wall which could serve as a focal wall.   And to further smarten your new look,  replace some of your kitchen accessories in a matching colour.  Our coloured acrylic splashbacks are so inexpensive we hope you’ll have some funds left to do that.

Choosing Coloured Acrylic For Your High Gloss Kitchen Makeover

The friendly team at The Plastic People will be happy to help you choose coloured acrylic and can send it to you at home cut to the size and shape you need. Here’s what to do:

  1. measure the area of wall you’d like to cover with a splashback
  2. work out how many socket holes or cut outs you need, if any, and where they need to be
  3. visit The Plastic People and enter your measurements to get a price
  4. buy online – you can attach a drawing for your splashback with your order too if you like
  5. if you need to cover a special shape our friendly team will be happy to help with a quote – just email them your drawing plan




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