Must Try Tips, No 6: Glam Up Your Shower


If your bathroom is looking a little tired or could do with a new lease of life then our 6th tip in our series of Must Try Tips might be just the thing you’re looking for: the latest Coloured Acrylic Shower Panels.  Are they your perfect answer ?

high gloss acrylic shower panel

Coloured Acrylic Shower Panels have made it into our top tips because they are relatively straight forward and quick to install and make an easy to maintain transformation for any bathroom.

acrylic shower panel, ocean high gloss

Made from premium coloured acrylic these shower panels offer all the requirements of tiles but pack in many more benefits.   Acrylic panels can be a maximum size of 3m x 2m providing a seamless watertight finish that wipes (or showers!) clean.  Because there is no grout, there will never be any bleaching, scrubbing or re-grouting to do :) Or mouldy walls!

With acrylic colour choices so versatile now, acrylic shower panels can work well with existing schemes or be used to set a scheme.

Choosing an acrylic shower panel

For help choosing Acrylic Shower Panels you could visit your local DIY shop or take a look at The Plastic People who have a selection of the latest high gloss colours as well as other popular colour choices.

add style to your shower with high gloss acrylic shower panels

The friendly team at The Plastic People will be happy to help you choose Coloured Acrylic Shower Panels and can send them to you at home cut to the size and shape you need. Here’s what to do:

  1. measure the area of wall you’d like to cover with a shower panel
  2. determine if you need any cut outs in, or special shapes for, your shower panel   and where they need to be
  3. visit The Plastic People and enter your measurements to get a price
  4. buy online – you can attach a drawing for your splashback with your order too if you like
  5. if you need to cover a special shape our friendly team will be happy to help with a quote – just email them your drawing plan


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