Must Try Tip No 8: A High End Glossy House Name


Smarten up your house with our quick and easy tip no 9 -  a house name plate or door number plate that is personal to your home.

Use acrylic cut to the size of your choice to give your house entrance a high end glossy finishing touch for a fraction of the price.  Choose acrylic in a colour of your choice to complement your door, your garden, your curtain colours or whatever is on display!

No3 acrylic door sign made by ba Plastic People customer

No3 acrylic door sign made by ba Plastic People customer

Here is a No 3 door number plate made by one of our customers using blue cut to size acrylic.  Simple, quick and relatively easy.  Make one that is personal to you yourself – or gift one to a friend.

Buy acrylic already cut to the size you would like. It will make the job easy – all you will need to do is stick on your door number or house name:) You can do this using Serious Stuff adhesive.

The Plastic People have a range of clear, coloured and high gloss acrylic that can all be delivered cut to your sizes.




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