Must Try Tips, No 10: Block Out Draughts

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This week’s tip is thinking ahead to colder months. We don’t want to wish away our late summer… but if your house gets a little draughty you might be interested in how you can block off those draughts fairly quickly and at a fraction of the cost of double glazing.   This idea also works well for anyone living in a listed building where window alterations are not so easy to make.

Removable secondary glazing is our tip for the week.  Here are the things to know…

  • Secondary glazing is essentially another window pane that fits to the inside of your existing window. There are various popular options available to use.  We like a version which uses magnetic tape to hold the secondary window pane in place because, having tested it, it is very simple to work with and needs no tools to fit – just scissors and a measuring tape!

    acrylic secondary glazing

  • For safety, we recommend that the secondary glazing window pane be made from acrylic or polycarbonate. Acrylic and polycarbonate are much stronger than glass and if dropped, will not shatter like glass.  Acrylic and polycarbonate can be bought cut to the same size and / or shape as your window.  We suggest buying acrylic / polycarbonate cut to the size of your window so you get exactly what you need with a smooth finish to the edges of the acrylic / polycarbonate. Then, you can get on with your secondary glazing project without having to cut the acrylic / polycarbonate yourself.


Measuring Up

To measure up for your acrylic / polycarbonate window glazing pane measure your existing window pane – only the visible glass and not the frame. Then, add 25mm to the length measurement and the width measurements.  To see prices for your acrylic at your sizes visit The Plastic People here.

Fits in 5 Steps

Once you have your acrylic / polycarbonate window pane, fitting is fast.

  1. Cut and stick the magnetic strips to the edges of your acrylic / polycarbonate window glazing pane.
  2. Now hold your acrylic / polycarbonate window glazing pane to your window frame so that it overlaps on each edge.
  3. With a pencil draw around the acrylic pane.
  4. Cut and stick your metal strips just inside these pencil marks.
  5. That’s it.  Now lift your acrylic / polycarbonate window pane to your existing window and click the magnetic strips together.

Because acrylic and polycarbonate are so light, lifting and fitting is easy. It is also very easy to remove and replace the acrylic / polycarbonate secondary glazing pane as required.  If you are thinking of secondary glazing a window  such as 1200mm x 1200mm or bigger, we recommend you place a couple of screws immediately below the glazing panel to add some extra support and to prevent the chance of slippage.

And another bonus, secondary glazing also helps to keep your room quieter from outside noise.

If you would like more information about secondary glazing The Plastic People website has a wealth of detail and also a video showing How To Install Secondary Glazing.  Their friendly team will be more than happy to help with queries.


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