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If you’re looking for a cost effective seasonal glazing product to reduce draughts and keep your home warmer here is a way to do this easily yourself without the need for any special tools.

Secondary glazing allows you to insulate your windows against heat loss and draughts (and also noise).  A seasonal secondary glazing system should be easy to put up and take down and one of the easiest we’ve found is a magnetic system.  Magnetic secondary glazing uses a magnetic strip on the glazing which attaches to a metallic strip on your window surround. This makes this glazing system simple, effective and very quick to lift in and out – so, a great choice for putting up in winter weather and removing in warmer weather.

The magnetic secondary glazing system is used with plastic glazing, acrylic.  Acrylic looks like glass but is half the weight of glass and shatter-proof making it a lighter, safer option.  You can see the magnetic secondary glazing being installed at The Plastic People

Here’s how to install it in your home yourself:

First check

You will need 19mm surface on each side of your window – this is to mount the frame

acrylic secondary glazing

Next Measure Up

Measure the height and width of the visible glass on your existing window panes – do not include the frame. Then, add a further 25cm to both your height and width measurements

Order Your Glazing

Enter the measurements of your desired window pane size at The Plastic People website where everything you need for magnetglaze secondary glazing will be supplied

Fit your glazing - all you’ll need is a pair of scissors and a tape measure.

  1. Cut and stick the black magnetic strip  to the edges of your new acrylic window pane.
  2. Hold the acrylic window pane to the existing window frame so that it overlaps equally on each edge
  3. Draw a pencil line around your acrylic window pane onto your frame.
  4. Cut and stick the white metal strip to your window frame – place it just inside the pencil marks.
  5. Finally, lift your acrylic glazing pane to the window and click into place.
  6. If your new glazing pane is bigger than 1200mm x 1200mm we recommend you place a couple of screws under the glazing pane for extra support

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