Spruce up your kitchen for Christmas

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If you’d like your kitchen to sparkle and shine as well as working hard this Christmas, here’s a quick and easy project you can do at home to transform your work space into a gorgeous space in no time at all.

a white splashback works well in a white glossy kitchen

red splashback, image courtesy of customer

Take a look at some of the beautiful coloured acrylic splashbacks which are very light in weight, can be ordered to your required sizes and come delivered ready to glue or screw to your kitchen walls making your transformation easy.

Acrylic splashbackscome in a range of high gloss colours which will give your kitchen a high end look at a low price.  Colours include high gloss red acrylic, black, white, grey, silver, latte, pistachio, lemon and expresso.

customer picture – yellow splashback makeover

To start your kitchen update all you will need to do is:

  1. measure the area you want to cover with a splashback (length and width)
  2. make a drawing to show any cut outs or special shapes you need cutting out
  3. buy coloured acrylic cut to your size and shape. You can do this in DIY stores or online.  If you’d like some help online, you can place your splashback order with drawing via The Plastic People website.  Their friendly team will be happy to help with questions.  Find out more about The Plastic People’s splashback service here.



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