Keeping Pets Warm Through Winter

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If you have pets that live outdoors, keeping them warm during winter months is always a concern.  As temperatures drop it is important to keep out the draughts that can otherwise creep into pet enclosures, outdoor hutches and kennels.

We would be surprised if acrylic had popped into your mind as a material that could help to keep your pets warmer this winter. It’s not that well known;  but, here we share how well acrylic actually can help and at little expense.

The Plastic People have been helping pet owners around the country to keep their pets warmer with cut to size acrylic. Often the acrylic is used to cover over open, wire or mesh window areas where winter winds can blow through.    Pictures speak louder than words though – here are some of the projects that have been undertaken to give you some ideas that might help you.

keeping the rabbits at Foal Farm warmer this winter – acrylic covers the mesh windows

The rabbits at Foal Farm have recently had a large piece of acrylic cut to size to cover their mesh wire windows – keeping the views the same but wind out.

Clear acrylic has also been used to provide a protective area for a tortoise to shelter under.


acrylic provides a shelter for a tortoise






It’s not just the pets that benefit – cut to size clear acrylic can also be used to keep feed nice and dry at the same time! Here’s a picture to show how one customer gave his chickens, and their feed, a better home! If you have pets and would like help to use acrylic as a shelter, visit the friendly team at the Plastic People for help.

acrylic has been used to cover over wire, protecting chickens and their feed



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