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If you want to keep heat in and your energy bills down, you’ll be interested in easy to install and take down again secondary glazing. It’s a quick project, fairly simple with basic DIY skills,  inexpensive but very impactful. With secondary glazing you will notice a big difference – draughts will be blocked, your room will be warmer and if you normally external noise, you’ll notice a reduction in that too!   They’re great for all homes including listed buildings and those in conservation areas.

Secondary glazing involves adding an extra window to your existing window.

secondary glazing will reduce draughts

There are different ways to get secondary glazing – some involve sale reps or surveyors who will advise you and install the secondary glazing for you.  We are fans of an easy to use magnetic secondary glazing system  that you can fit yourself. Here’s how:

  1. Measure the length and width of the window panes you want to add secondary glazing to. Add 25mm to both measurements – record the measurements.
  2. Visit our website and enter your measurements - we will send you an acrylic window pane with fittings you need to install the new secondary glazing.
  3. Fittings are two magnetic strips one white strip and one black.
  4. Stick the black magnetic strip around the edges of your new acrylic window pane
  5. Using a pencil draw around the acrylic window pane onto your frame. Now cut and stick the white metal strip to your window frame – stick it just inside the pencil marks.
  6. Lift the acrylic window pane and connect it to your window – the magnetic strips will hold it in place.
  7. When you want to remove the secondary glazing just take it off.  Leave the white magnetic strip in place on your window….. ready for next winter!

2 Responses to DIY Secondary Glazing

  1. Helen says:

    Hi, this says add 25cm to the measurements, do you mean 2.5cm?
    Also, when the magnetic tape is on the window frame, assume that is white, but if the black one is on the sheet, does this give a black outline on the glazing?

    Thank you

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