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If you need a new, rigid sign to fix to a wall, posts or to stand alone these 3 materials are the ones to consider.

Correx – from 4mm to 10mm thick this is a cheap and cheerful option. Durability is low. Correx is very lightweight and is made up from flutes. It is popular as estate agent boards and for short term signage. If it is to be used outside and in windy areas mount it on a wooden board for extra strength.  Normal wood screws are okay – watch out for the heads pulling through the boards by using large washers!

PVC Foamboard – 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thick this is a cost effective choice providing good durability.  It is often called Foamex, PVC Foamboard, Foamalite, Forex or Palite.

The name might suggest this is a soft material but it is quite dense, completely solid and smooth; there is nothing soft or foamy about it whatsoever. PVC foamboard can be cut to size and shape to create amazing signs.   For indoor exhibition displays,  3mm PVC Foamboard is a great choice.  You can use it to quickly and easily clad/cover the panels of a shell scheme as velcro which is compatible with the shell schemes can be attached to the back of the PVC Foamboard panels.

PVC foamboard can also be used outside as the material is water proof and easy to drill/ screw.  For shop signage, directional signage or outdoor exhibition signage that needs to be reused or last the 10mm PVC foamboard makes a better choice.  It is much more rigid.  But, if the sign is to be a large one, 10mm PVC foamboard can be quite heavy making Aluminium Dibond a preferable option.

Aluminium Dibond – 3mm thick Aluminium Dibond is a premium choice giving the highest durability and the greatest strength to weight ratio. It comes by names like Dilite, Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) and Alucobond.  The material sandwiches solid polyethylene between 2 sheets of aluminium (each around 0.5mm thick).

Aluminium Composite Sheets, or Dibond, can be drilled, screwed and shaped to create fantastic signage.   It is commonly used for shop signage, fascias, directional signage, event signage and exhibition signage.  Rails can be mounted to Aluminium Composite Panels so it can be clamped to fixings on road signs and other posts making it very versatile.

For more information and competitive prices for Correx, PVC Foamboard and Aluminium Composite Panels visit The Plastic People or drop their friendly team an email.




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