Brighten Your Kitchen with a Splashback


January can look and feel a little gloomy as the clouds loom overhead and empty over us and the Christmas bills do the same.  Bring a little cheer into the heart of your home with this quick and easy inexpensive weekend project to brighten up your kitchen.

customer picture – yellow splashback makeover

red splashback, image courtesy of customer

Cover over any wall area with a colourful, glossy acrylic splashback for a new high end look at a low end price.  Check out the range of splashback colours; because they’re made from acrylic there are bright primary colours, subtle neutral shades and tones as well as pearlescent and sparkly options.

We say it’s simple project because all you need to do is measure up the area you want to cover.  Check around the internet and enter your measurements to buy acrylic splashbacks  which will arrive at your home  cut to your measurements and ready to hang. Solid colours can normally be glued to your wall with a suitable adhesive; translucent or lighter shades can be screwed to your wall. (If you’re going for this option, ask for screw holes as you order – then your splashback will arrive ready to hang). It’s pretty easy to order socket holes too – just let whoever you order from know the size of the socket hole and it’s location.  Ideally you can email a diagram of what you want.

For more information and advice about acrylic splashbacks visit The Plastic People or email their friendly team who will be delighted to help. They’ve been creating acrylic splashbacks for years and supply to industry as well as homeowners.



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