Unbreakable greenhouse glazing



use polycarbonate glazing for an unbreakable greenhouse

use polycarbonate glazing for an unbreakable greenhouse

Make replacing broken greenhouse glass a thing of the past. It’s easy to do by changing your greenhouse glazing from glass to virtually indestructible polycarbonate.  Here’s 4 reasons why polycarbonate is perfect for greenhouse glazing and is an ideal alternative to greenhouse glass.

It won’t break

Polycarbonate is much, much stronger than greenhouse glass:  200 x stronger.  Think of the police riot shields (they are made from polycarbonate ) and that is how strong it is.

It’s safer

Polycarbonate is much safer than glass: it is half the weight of glass so much easier to pick up, move around and install easily. If it is dropped, it will not break into hundreds of sharp pieces like glass.

It provides UV protection

Polycarbonate can be bought with UV protection so it filters out nearly all harmful rays.  During manufacturing, a layer of UV absorber is co-extruded onto the surface sides of the sheet, forming a barrier against UV radiation.  This unique protection ensures long term optimal quality under intensive UV exposure.

It’s guaranteed

Polycarbonate should have a guarantee against yellowing, hailstones and ageing.

For details about polycarbonate visit The Plastic People.  Their friendly team deliver polycarbonate cut to the size of your existing greenhouse panels in a few days so putting your new polycarbonate replacements straight in is quick and easy. See prices on their website.



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