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Over half of the country’s small business owners relish being in charge of their own business is one of the key findings from the latest Quarterly Survey of Small Business in Britain from The Open University.

Their Business School reports that 61% of small business owners surveyed plan to expand their business in the next 3 years.   Findings show continuing signs of optimism regarding future growth prospects,  improved manufacturing activity and forecasts, all regions showing signs of growth and  signs of increasing confidence in the North of England.

With limited resources and many marketing options,  where do small business owners invest to achieve their expansion ?    This blog looks at the not so humble sign as a cost effective way to raise awareness. Signage is particularly suited for businesses located in high traffic areas; a sign that reflects what a business is about is a cost effective way to reach potential customers.

But how to work out if a sign is good value and is best thing to spend money on ?  A good starting point is to weigh up the cost of running a local ad vs the cost of a sign. A simple calculation could involve cost of the ad or ad campaign divided by the number of readers to give a cost per impression.  Then, the cost of the sign vs the number of people (or cars) that pass the business every day for a month / year to also give a cost per impression of the sign based on a month / year.  Remember, the signage is long term so will continue to be seen locally once any ad may have ceased to run.

We’re not sign makers, but at The Plastic People we do know about the importance of choosing the right plastics for your sign – so your signage investment lasts in the conditions it will be exposed to.  We’re always happy to help – email our friendly team if you’d like some advice about plastics suitable for signs and signage.





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