5 Tips for working with acrylic mirror

an acrylic mirror installed by a customer of The Plastic People

an acrylic mirror installed by a customer of The Plastic People

Acrylic mirror is often chosen as a safer alternative to a glass mirror.  Acrylic mirrors are around 17 times stronger than glass mirrors, much lighter and also shatter proof. That means should they ever get dropped or fall on the floor, they will not break into lots of pieces like glass.

Because they are made from acrylic plastic these mirrors are flexible. That means distortion can potentially be caused from short distances and by not affixing the acrylic mirror to a flat, even surface.  So, if you’re considering an acrylic mirror, here are our top tips to fitting them successfully:

  1. For best results fix acrylic mirror to a completely flat wall/surface. If you are fitting it to a wall which is not flat, or you are not sure, it is best to fit it first to something rigid such as a piece of MDF.
  2. If you are bonding mirrored acrylic to wood, brick, plaster or other wall substrates, use Acrylic Mirror Adhesive  – it won’t adversley affect the mirrored acrylic.
  3. If you’re screwing acrylic mirror in place, have the holes drilled a little oversize. This will allow the acrylic mirror to expand and contract with temperature changes. Note that acrylic mirror can warp in variable temperatures. Changes in humidity levels cause the biggest variation.
  4. Do not over tighten screw fasteners as it will cause dimpling and distortion.
  5. If you are going to drill the acrylic mirror yourself back up the surface with a durable material like plywood so the drill bit continues into a solid material preventing chipping on the opposite side of the mirror.


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