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Polycarbonate is a wonderful type of plastic because it can be used for projects when many other types of material cannot. Since we are The Plastic People, we’re obviously a little biased towards plastic so here is a digestible summary about polycarbonate so you can consider its merits for yourself.

Polycarbonate has unique advantages which make it a plastic of choice for DIY projects and homeowners as well as industry:

  1. outstanding levels of light transmission
  2. super impact strength (it’s virtually unbreakable)
  3. resistance to stresses (accidental and intentional)
  4. exceptional long-term chemical-physical stability profiles, or attached – fixed – stuck on other materials.
  5. very light in weight (easy to lift and move)
  6. very easy to work with (it is easy to cut and fix with screws, nuts and bolts and can be made into many shapes and sizes)

Polycarbonate is so strong it is ideal for safety glazing (think body shields and visors), protective screens, skylights/domes, tunnels, greenhouse glazing and where vandal-proofing and safety are concerns. Polycarbonate is an excellent choice for projects which demand a high level of safety which cannot be obtained from other materials.

Polycarbonates outstanding light transmission makes it a great choice for SIGNAGE: billboards, illuminated signs, street signs. Thanks to polycarbonate’s outstanding impact resistance and ease of working, a huge variety of shapes and sizes can be created by thermoforming, cold curving or machining.

Polycarbonate offers fantastic heat resistance, dimensional stability, shock resistance and also resistance to humidity.  So, this plastic makes a great choice for electrical parts, projects and machinery.  Polycarbonate stays stable in demanding temperatures and applications where other materials cannot be used.  Polycarbonate’s high expansion is extremely important for the correct sizing of the sheets so if you would like any advice about using polycarbonate for your project, email the friendly team at The Plastic People.


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