Make Your Greenhouse Unbreakable

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Using polycarbonate in your greenhouse instead of glass will make it virtually unbreakable. That’s because polycarbonate is a plastic material which is incredibly strong and offers outstanding levels of light transmission.

It’s a fairly easy to switch from glass to polycarbonate yourself - the polycarbonate can be ordered online and delivered cut ready to put in your existing greenhouse frame.

Here’s what you will need to do :

  1. measure your existing greenhouse glazing panes - use these measurements to order your polycarbonate panes. You’ll need the same size replacement panes
  2. remove your existing greenhouse panes – take care for any breaks in the glass
  3. insert your new polycarbonate panes – you’ll find this much easier than glass as the polycarbonate is considerably lighter and you won’t have to watch out for breaks.  It is much safer to work with:)
    use polycarbonate glazing for an unbreakable greenhouse

    use polycarbonate glazing for an unbreakable greenhouse

You’ll find your new polycarbonate greenhouse so strong it can withstand all sorts of high impact bumps and bashes. No need to be concerned with rogue flying birds, stray footballs, falling fruit any longer!

For polycarbonate greenhouse panels cut to size and delivered to your door visit The Plastic People or email their friendly team for advice



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