How To Measure Up For An Acrylic Splashback

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Splashbacks are perfect for protecting walls that are prone to splashing – typically kitchens, bathrooms and shower cubicles.

And for an easy, speedy and inexpensive transformation choose acrylic splashbacks.

acrylic splashbacks are perfect for shower cubicles

You can read why acrylic splashbacks make a better choice than glass or tiles here. Amongst the reasons, because they are so light in weight and won’t break if dropped (!) they are fairly easy to install.  Here’s how to measure up in the first instance.

  1. Once you have decided which wall areas you wish to cover an easy way forward is to draw out a plan on a piece of paper of the area that is going to be covered.
  2. Measure the total width and height of acrylic needed and then mark it on your plan.In most cases splashbacks are fitted to a walls between worktops and cupboards. In these circumstances leave around 1mm top and bottom or sides so that there is room for a little movement. (Use sealant later on to fill any gaps – this will prevent any moisture from seeping under and down the back of the worktop and also any moisture from running down walls and behind the splashback from the top.)
  3. Next on your plan include everything that will need cutting around. This could be a socket hole, a cooker isolator, a cabinet, some pipes etc…. On your drawing you can then record all of your measurements so that you know exactly what cuts need making and where.

How To Measure Socket Holes

Firstly, decide how you would like your socket faceplate to appear then measure up:

For socket faceplates that sit inside your splashback

  • measure your existing socket faceplate and add 3 – 5 mm to the measurements.  Your splashback will then be cut larger than the existing socket faceplate so that this socket faceplate can comfortably sit inside the splashback. (On installation use a sealant to seal the socket faceplate and the edge of the acrylic splashback together.)

For socket faceplates that sit on top of your splashback

  •  unscrew your existing socket faceplate and measure the size of the black box. Add 1mm to these measurements for movement.

Your splashback will then have a cut slightly smaller than your socket faceplate. Once your splashback is on the wall,  you can screw the socket faceplate over the top of the splashback giving a tidy, professional finish.

With all your measurements made your plan should look something like the below image:

Plan for splashback showing measurements and cut outs

For more details about acrylic splashbacks the friendly team at The Plastic People are happy to help. Reach them on 0113 249 2222 or via email.



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