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3 Steps To Make Your Greenhouse Unbreakable

Category: Gardening, Greenhouse Panels

 One of the most popular questions people ask when buying a greenhouse is which type of glazing is best. They are often balancing a combination of requirements, such as thermal benefits, protection from the sun, ease of installation and durability. Standard … Continue reading

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How Strong Is Polycarbonate

Category: Innovation, Polycarbonate

 Our team at The Plastic People often get asked how strong clear plastic is.  Normally this type of question comes from those wanting some guidance on whether to choose clear acrylic or clear polycarbonate for their project and are not sure how to decide.  And for strength … Continue reading

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Bathroom Splashbacks – A quick and Easy Makeover

Category: Home Improvements, Splashbacks

 If you would like to create a cost effective, stunning feature in your bathroom and gain a hygienic and practical solution in doing so, take a look at Acrylic Bathroom Splashbacks. As well as offering cleaning benefit, they are also … Continue reading

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Top Tips: How To Choose Lawn Edging

Category: Gardening, Home Improvements

 Choosing lawn edging starts off with a basic desire to keep our lawns from invading our flower beds so the overall look is nice and neat.  Maybe we also want to keep mulch in the flower bed area.   The buying of said lawn edging brings … Continue reading

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