Top Tips: How To Choose Lawn Edging

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Choosing lawn edging starts off with a basic desire to keep our lawns from invading our flower beds so the overall look is nice and neat.  Maybe we also want to keep mulch in the flower bed area.   The buying of said lawn edging brings up an amazing array of choice potentially triggering a time consuming process.    At the Plastic People, we have  lawn edging we’d like to share - potentially you’ll have your solution quicker and this lawn edging does all of the above without requiring any ongoing maintenance which saves even more time. And more:  it can be picked up and moved time and time again.  Which are all reasons whey we love it.  This lawn edging is called Flexi-edge.  It is made from recycled tyres giving it the strength of stone with the flexibility of rubber and a very, very long life span (it’s virtually indestructible).

Flexi-edge – here it is in one of our customers gardens

Your garden design will play a part in the style of lawn edging you choose but you probably don’t want the edging to steal the show.  Flexi-edge is modern and subtle.

Climate is likely another consideration for you - the lawn edging you choose may have to withstand sea salt, boggy shade or full sun.  Flexi-edge is completely weather proof in all weathers.

Consider maintenance -  will you want to maintain your lawn edging with paint, varnish or wood treatments ?  Is the edging you are considering substantial enough to keep grass roots and weeds from invading your beds  or will you need to trim the bed border frequently ?  Flexi-edge is 7.5cm wide and 8cm high. It comes in 1m lengths which connect together with the connectors provided.

Flexi-edge lengths connect together

Factor in family friendly / safety – do you need a safe lawn edging in case of trips, children, pets etc ? Flexi-edge is safe: because it is made from recycled rubber there are no sharp edges or possible cuts should anyone fall onto it.

Weigh up installation  – easy to install edging is usually flexible plastic edging which can look unsightly and can crack and split easily.  Stone, concrete and brick can be expensive to buy and transport and laborious to install; metal edging can be dangerous if fallen on.

Flexi-edge hammers into place with supplied pegs

Flexi-edge is easy to install (it hammers into place, no digging needed) and safe for everyone (it’s made from rubber).

If you are considering lawn edging and would like to see more about Flexi-edge visit for more information and pictures. Or email the friendly team at The Plastic People for help.



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