How Strong Is Polycarbonate

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Our team at The Plastic People often get asked how strong clear plastic is.  Normally this type of question comes from those wanting some guidance on whether to choose clear acrylic or clear polycarbonate for their project and are not sure how to decide.  And for strength alone, polycarbonate is the top choice.  We’re writing this for anyone wanting to know just how strong polycarbonate is.

Our Top 5 Things To Show How Strong Polycarbonate Really is

  1. Polycarbonate is used in police riot shields - the polycarbonate protects our police from anything thrown at them.   It’s lightweight enough and that indestructible.

    police riot shield – safe with polycarbonate

  2. Polycarbonate is used instead of glass in greenhouses – because the polycarbonate make the greenhouse shatter-proof!  It’s that strong.
  3. Polycarbonate is used to make eye safety glasses – because polycarbonate offers the clear transparency needed with high impact resistance. It’s that safe.

    safety glasses

  4. Polycarbonate is used for the lights, signals, moulded housings  in cars – it’s that unbreakable.
  5. Polycarbonate is used to make a blast shield for Hydraulic Press experiments.  We can’t resist writing about this one:  check out this video showing our polycarbonate working as a blast shield for ‘Will It Crush – Glass Marbles’.…polycarbonate is that reliable.  So glad for the polycarbonate blast shield – otherwise glass would have gone everywhere!

If you would like some help deciding which clear plastic is best for your project or any questions about plastic in general talk to the friendly Plastic People at





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