3 Steps To Make Your Greenhouse Unbreakable

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One of the most popular questions people ask when buying a greenhouse is which type of glazing is best. They are often balancing a combination of requirements, such as thermal benefits, protection from the sun, ease of installation and durability.

Standard greenhouse glass (horticultural glass) is prone to breaking. And when it does it tends to break into large dangerous shards.  Toughened safety glass is a stronger choice – for example it shouldn’t break if a child’s football hits it but a cricket ball or fast flying bird may be a different matter.  Then it is likely to break.  The upside at least is that the damage should be safer as the safety glass should break into hundreds of small pieces (like a car window would).

Polycarbonate is the top choice for greenhouse glazing that won’t break.  Clear solid polycarbonate is so strong it is virtually indestructible and you can see through it to your greenhouse and your lovely plants held inside. Much in the same way as with glass.  It brings other benefits too – such as UV filter protection.

4mm twinwall polycarbonate greenhouse


polycarbonate greenhouse

The other type of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate is twinwall polycarbonate.  4mm twinwall is like having a double glazed polycarbonate sheet, like the type seen on conservatory roofing.  This also brings other benefits – such as heat retention.  You can read more about the other benefits of using polycarbonate for greenhouse glazing here.

Here are 3 steps to make your greenhouse unbreakable :

  1. Find out the size of your greenhouse panels
  2. Order polycarbonate to be delivered to your home cut to those sizes
  3. Remove your existing panels – place your new polycarbonate ones in using the same fittings. Watch our video showing this

All done. Enjoy no more breaks.  You can buy polycarbonate panels cut to the sizes you need or in popular greenhouse panel sizes at The Plastic People. If you’d prefer some advice or help, give their friendly customer services team a call on 0113 249 2222 or email them at service@theplasticpeople.co.uk.




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