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If your horse weaves a lot in his or her stable you might be thinking of installing a mirror in there in an effort to calm your horse down.  Research shows that putting mirrors into horse stables can reduce horse weaving.  We’re not experts in horses but we are experts in suitable mirrors which are light to hold, non-breakable and very safe to use.

courtesy of University of Minnesota

We understand weaving to be a side to side movement of a horse’s head and neck along with lifting and lowering of their hooves.  It sounds unsettling for all involved because weaving often happens because a horse is worried and stressed at being separated, left alone or confined.   Stable mirrors can help horses and ponies feel like they have company. Mirrors can also be useful for horses who become stressed and worried travelling and spending time at shows alone.

We have heard mirrors are best placed away from where horses eat in case they become protective!

Stable mirrors must be non-breakable so they are safe for your horse – just in case they are not happy with the mirror.  To this end look for an acrylic mirror. if it gets kicked or falls off the wall, it will not shatter like glass.  Horses react differently to mirrors; we hear some horses love them and others do not.  If you decide to choose a stable (acrylic) mirror things to look out for are your mirror being supplied with ready drilled holes so you can fix it easily, radius (rounded) corners so there are no sharp edges and precision cutting so you get the exact size you need.  Acrylic stable mirrors are easy to fit, they are very light to handle – much lighter than glass mirrors. The mirror should be fitted straight to a flat wall. If your stable wall is not flat, mount your acrylic stable mirror onto moisture resistant MDF backboard first and then onto the stable wall.

For advice about acrylic stable mirrors contact the friendly team at The Plastic People here.

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