The Best Plastic For Catteries and Kennels


Pet owners, breeders and commercial catteries/kennels looking for low cost, easy to maintain and high quality materials to use for pet housing should consider polyproplyleneit’s ideal and practical for this purpose say the friendly team at The Plastic People.

While timber animal housing will rot over time, plastic will not.  But not just any plastic – check out polypropylene.

Polypropylene makes an excellent choice for catteries and kennels because it is:

  1. Durable against clawing, scratching and chewing
  2. Hygienic and easy to clean – chemical cleaners can be used on it without any detriment
  3. Long lasting and maintenance free
  4. FDA approved – meaning it will not harbour bacteria
  5.  UV resistant, and also has anti-oxidants to make it strong enough to brave the elements without becoming damaged or rusting.

Other plastics such as Polyethylene  and PVC are used to manufacture catteries and kennels.  Their benefits are not considered as great as polypropylene by The Plastic People.  Polyethylene offers no advantage over polypropylene; in fact it is a slightly softer and more expensive choice.  PVC is a more fragile choice in colder conditions, being prone to breaking.

See details about polypropylene here  or ask the friendly team at The Plastic People.

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