Get The Art Gallery Look With Floating Picture Frames

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If you’re a fan of contemporary, clean design, then this is the type of framing you’ll love in your home.

Floating acrylic picture frames give any space that sleek, art gallery feel, and as we’re about to show you, the look is surprisingly easy and inexpensive to achieve.

Two clear acrylic sheets cut to the size of your choice is all you need along with a drill and your chosen artwork or photograph. You can easily buy acrylic cut to size on the internet and we can always help you with that at The Plastic People.

Expert tip: Be sure your chosen acrylic comes with a protective film on it to keep your acrylic perfect until you are ready to hang it on your wall.

How to create your floating frame: 

Firstly, mark on your acrylic where your screws will go.  Do this by measuring  15mm to 25mm in from each corner of your acrylic and marking the acrylic with a pen.

Now, secure your two sheets of acrylic together by clamping either side of the corner. Position the clamped corner over the edge of your work surface and drill a hole through both sheets of acrylic. Drill where you have marked your screw hole to be.

Repeat until you have drilled screw holes in all corners.

If you’re unsure about drilling holes into your acrylic, buy your cut to size acrylic with the holes already drilled in for you.  You can do this here.

Expert tip:  It’s best to drill a little bit into the acrylic to get the hole started, but then switch the drill into reverse and press down to complete the hole.  Think of it as melting your way through the acrylic sheet.  Keep switching to bigger and bigger drill bits until you have the right hole size drilled for your fixings.  Keep the film on your acrylic until you’re ready to hang!

Adding artwork to your floating frame:

Stick a small piece of double-sided tape to the back of your artwork or photo and place it in the middle of your sheet of acrylic.  Place your other sheet of acrylic over your artwork or photo to ‘sandwich’ it in place.

Expert tip: Use conservation, acid-free tape so the tape won’t damage the photo over time.

Hanging your floating frame:

Check your floating frame looks good by holding it up to your chosen wall spot.   When you’re ready, hold one of your fixings flush with the wall and carefully drill the screw into the wall using a drill with a hex bit.

Wall fixings like these will make your acrylic frame stand away from the wall

Hold your fixing on the opposite corner up against the wall. Place a level on top of the frame to ensure it’s straight.  Once the frame is level, drill the second screw into the wall.

Finish off  by drilling the bottom screws into the wall.

Expert tip: Use stand-off wall fixings like the ones shown here for a polished look.

If you’d rather buy acrylic floating frames ready cut, drilled and with stand off fixings, The Plastic People do have a range of popular sizes as well as producing bespoke sizes that you need.  Check them all out here.


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