Acrylic Mirror – Stylish Serving Idea

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It’s National Chocolate Week and we’re taking part here at The Plastic People:).  We’ve managed to tuck into wrapped chocolate, melted chocolate and baked chocolate.

It has to be said, we all do love our chocolate, nearly as much as our plastic.  In an effort to combine the two we came up with this stylish idea which we thought made a rather impressive way to serve up and present tasty treats. (Remember, we are plastic people not designers!)  So, drum roll, here it is… our acrylic mirror serving suggestion  for chocolate rocky road, made by one of our team.

Acrylic mirror serving suggestion….rocky road!

Let us know what you think !  Like it ? Love it ? Think mirror is best left for our own reflections ?

If you’re a fan, the look is easy to put together.  You only need a piece of acrylic mirror, have it cut to the size you’d like for your display.  We used an off cut from our plastic stock but you could beef up the style factor and have acrylic mirror cut to the shape and proportions of your table!

Our friendly team are happy to help. Reach them via email or phone 0113 249 2222.  You can have acrylic mirror cut to size and shape on The plastic People site too – check it out here.




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