How To Quickly Get Your Bathroom and Kitchen On Trend


While 2016 isn’t over yet, the designers are looking ahead to the 2017 trends, colour palettes and combinations to use in our homes.

This year metallics continued to add a feel good factor into our homes, with gold hues providing a little touch of glamour.  Our acrylic gold mirror became a popular choice as the trend surged. (You can still snap gold acrylic mirror up here!)

Looking ahead to 2017 colour specialists anticipate a fresh take on life with shades of blue being the must have colour for the year.   Whether you are looking for fresh and playful, soft and tactile or are designing boundaries in a home that also serves as your work space,  the tones, hues and shades that we will apparently be searching for will be blue.

On a practical level, if you’re like us, changing and updating needs to be made easy.   Often the social hub that is the kitchen and the sanctuary that we wish as our bathroom are key areas for updating.  And that is where the magic of cut to size acrylic splashbacks come in as a inexpensive way of a quick, easy and on trend transformation.

Acrylic comes in fabulous colour choices and we’re expecting the acrylic made here into a kitchen splashback and a shower panel, to be popular colour choices in 2017 !

blue pearlescent acrylic splashback

acrylic shower splashback








Made into a splashback, acrylic works marvellously because it is seam free (read here ‘no more grouting’), easy to clean (read here ‘rinse with warmy soapy water or wipe with a soft cotton cloth) and best of all is light to lift and glue or screw to the wall you wish to cover yourself !

Acrylic splashbacks can quickly and easily transform your shower, bathroom or kitchen.  Find out more about acrylic splashbacks online here or speak with the friendly team at The Plastic People about having one cut to the size and shape you need to cover your walls.


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