What are acrylic sheets used for ?

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click What are acrylic sheets used for?
Acrylic sheets are used in so many different ways. Five-star plastic supplier The Plastic People reveal the most popular ways that customers are using this material in their homes:

  1. To protect furniture.  Acrylic sheets look just like glass and are much lighter and much stronger making them a safer way to cover the surfaces of much loved furniture so it does not get damaged.
  2. follow link Wooden table protected with an acrylic table top

    http://sisterson.co.uk/pwc-facing-the-future-of-risk/ For splashbacks of colour.  Acrylic sheeting makes for great kitchen and bathroom splashbacks, due to them being groutless, durable and waterproof. DIY installation is very easy too, making acrylic splashbacks a practical and affordable way to make over kitchens and bathrooms.

  3. To replace glass. Acrylic sheets are worthy alternatives to glass on bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors, due to them being more durable in their designs.  Broken glass is being replaced with acrylic becoming the popular choice because it is so much stronger and less likely to break than glass whilst looking just like it.

  4. 4. Picture frames are being created using acrylic sheets, with the material lighter as well as more durable than frames designed with glass.

5. Acrylic sheeting is being used to create wall shelves,.  Customers are choosing a material that is more cost-effective, easier to install and able to stand the test of time much better than glass and plywood alike.

6. Coffee tables and end tables are being designed using acrylic sheets are able to hold up better against general wear and tear when compared to traditional glass alternatives.

Acrylic splashbacks are seam free making a hygienic, easy clean solution

Read about acrylic (or Perspex) and get help and advice from the friendly team at The Plastic People.



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