6 ways plastic is being used in our homes

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The next time you have a home improvement project or something to fix, think about plastic.  Perhaps not an obvious choice but plastic has many uses in the home and garden. Here are the most popular ways it is being used by customers at plastic specialists, The Plastic People.


acrylic splashbacks are perfect for shower cubicles

Add acrylic splashbacks to your kitchen or bathroom for a quick and easy DIY home upgrade.  Acrylic comes in many different colours, shades and tones including glossy, matt and pearlescent.  Something for every décor.  Because acrylic sheets are so light and strong (half the weight of glass but much, much stronger) the splashbacks are easy to fit to your wall yourself.

Greenhouse Glazing

UV protected polycarbonate is ideal for glazing

UV protected polycarbonate is ideal for glazing

Pause before you replace any greenhouse or shed windows with glass. Polycarbonate is becoming a popular choice because it is 290 x stronger than glass and virtually unbreakable.  So, you can have the glass loo without the glass fragility :)



Secondary Glazing

fitting acrylic secondary glazing

Especially popular with renters wanting to improve the warmth of their rental property and owners of listed buildings, secondary glazing uses clear as glass plastic glazing in a magnetic, screwless system to add another layer of glazing to existing windows.

Pictures and Frames

Place acrylic cut to the size you need into frames instead of glass to create  a much stronger and safer cover than glass.    Create a floating frame, trapping artwork between two pieces of cut to size acrylic with holes drilled in the corners. Hang on your walls with wall mounts.


Replacing Glass

Replace broken glass with acrylic or polycarbonate which looks just like glass but which are much stronger, preventing the likelihood of future breakages.  For use with food, choose PETG which is clear like glass and food safe.

Safe Mirrors

Substitute glass mirrors for acrylic mirrors or polycarbonate mirrors when you need something safer and less likely to break.  Polycarbonate mirror is a great problem solving mirror in areas that may come under destructive threat!  It is much stronger than acrylic mirror and comes with anti-graffiti properties.

acrylic garden mirrors



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