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polycarbonate is a great alternative to glass for greenhouse glazing

It is said that if you want to be happy for a short time – get drunk. If you want to be happy for a long time – fall in love. If you want to be happy forever – take up gardening!

For many, dedicating yourself to growing healthy plants for the garden involves greenhouse growing – and, more often than not, troublesome maintenance of greenhouse glass. Keep your gardening  love affair alive without broken glass or hearts with polycarbonate glazing panels. Alternatives to glass greenhouse panes, polycarbonate greenhouse panes are an amazing choice for greenhouse glazing because they are so very unlikely to break.  Polycarbonate is much tougher than glass – in fact polycarbonate is around 200 times stronger than glass.  Its super strength makes it  the choice of material for police riot shields – which goes to show just how strong it is.

UV protected polycarbonate is ideal for glazing

UV protected polycarbonate is ideal for glazing

Polycarbonate can be bought with UV protection built in, which is also another bonus for those working in, as well as and growing plants in,  greenhouses.

So, before you decide to replace any greenhouse glass with glass, take a look at polycarbonate options before you make your decision.   Polycarbonate can be easily bought to the size of your existing greenhouse glass panes – there are plenty of suppliers online who will deliver the replacement polycarbonate panes to your home, saving you the hard work of shopping and transporting. Plastic experts, The Plastic People, have a friendly as well as knowledgeable team who are happy to help you with sizes and shapes to fit your existing greenhouse glazing.





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