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How To Save Money On Greenhouse Repairs

Category: Greenhouse Panels

 Replacing greenhouse glass can become an annual – and expensive – task.  Here’s how you can make it a job of the past and save yourself some money in the process. It’s one simple change: use polycarbonate instead of traditional … Continue reading

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Polycarbonate / Glass Walls For Decks and Patios

Category: Glazing, Polycarbonate, Recycle

 Want to chill out on your deck without the chill of the wind ?  Take a look at creating a windwall using glass or clear as glass plastic such as polycarbonate.  A polycarbonate or glass windwall can shield you from the wind while … Continue reading

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Lawn edging – how to choose

Category: Gardening

 One thing that you should remember when you are redesigning or maintaining your garden is that you should have good edging. A good, strong barrier that separates your lawn from your garden is extremely important. You can use any material … Continue reading

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Amazing effects with garden mirrors

Category: Recycle

 Would you like a bigger garden ?  A lighter garden ?  Perhaps a special feature or two in your garden ?  As we hope to spend more time outdoors, attention turns to making the most of what garden we have. … Continue reading

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