Amazing effects with garden mirrors

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Would you like a bigger garden ?  A lighter garden ?  Perhaps a special feature or two in your garden ?  As we hope to spend more time outdoors, attention turns to making the most of what garden we have.  For inspiration, here are 5 popular ways to do just that with acrylic mirrors  - let your imagination reflect on what could be in your garden.

get link 1. Create a bigger garden – magnify your space

Acrylic mirror can be used to create the feeling of the space you’d like in your garden. Choose to mount long mirrors horizontally along garden walls to create an illusion of length or mount long mirrors vertically up garden walls to create an illusion of height.   Whichever you choose, a top tip is to hang the mirror amongst real things – plants, flowers and trees so the acrylic mirror blends in.

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Use tile shaped / sized acrylic mirrors to reflect features in your garden, plants or flowers at interesting angles.  You can buy acrylic mirror cut to the size and shape you need. If you do so via our site we’ll deliver exactly what you need next day to your chosen address.

acrylic mirror placed to reflect space in garden

buy Seroquel online pills 3. Boost light around your garden

Test out mirrors in random corners of your garden – they can produce surprising lighting effects and enhance your garden by adding a  sculptural element to it.

4. Create outdoor room

Position your acrylic mirror next to an outdoor eating / dining area to create ambience and double glow of lanterns.

5. Create a doorway

Easily done by placing a full length acrylic mirror level with the ground.

Find out more about how to choose and use mirror in your garden. Plastic experts, The Plastic People favour acrylic mirror over glass mirror because it is shatter-proof, flexible and 17x stronger than glass whilst being half its weight, making it a safer, more practical choice.


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